How to Write a Pros and Cons Essay

Writing a pros and cons essay will help you develop critical thinking and allow you to get a better understanding of a given topic. Lets explain the main aspects of a pros and cons essay on the example of online sports betting.

Pros and cons essays are fairly simple to write, but there are some crucial elements that you need to include in order to do it right. Most importantly, make sure to be generous to both sides and take an unbiased stance.

Researching the Topic

The key to a high-quality pros and cons essay is in doing quality research. If you are writing about the pros and cons of sports betting, make sure to do online research, visit sports betting forums, and talk to avid gamblers or those who have given up on it. Try to find out as much as you can about both sides of the argument.

Creating a Thesis

The thesis, or the thesis statement, is a brief sentence in which you will tell the readers what your essay will be about. This sentence needs to be simple yet informative and cover all of the most important parts of the essay that you will elaborate later on in the body of the essay.

For example, writing an essay on the pros and cons of sports betting may include such thesis statement, A lot of people claim that sports betting is good because it brings additional excitement to watching sports and provides a chance to earn money, while opponents stress out that sports betting is potentially addictive and rarely profitable.

The Body of the Essay

The body of the essay will further develop the individual pros and cons that you have mention in the thesis statement. Make sure to provide at least a paragraph to each and try to be as objective as possible.

When structuring the body of your essay and organising your pros and cons, you have two choices. You can either group them together or place them one against the other. For example, you can first write about the pros of sports betting (AAA) and then write about the cons (BBB). Alternately, you can write one pro and then one con, until you mention all of them (ABABAB).

The Conclusion of the Essay

The conclusion of your essay is another very important part of the work you will be doing. The conclusion should not be too long, but it should be long enough to mention all of the important aspects of your essay.

If a person is reading only the conclusion part, they should be able to have a good idea of what the essay was about. Therefore, summarise all of the points that you have talked about and mention some additional questions and controversies that topic might raise.

For example, mention that some proponents of sports betting claim that this activity develops logical and critical thinking, while the opponents believe that it hinders the proper mental development of younger folks. After that, you can stress that there needs to be more research done on the issue before a conclusive decision is made.

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